Cabernet Franc of Veneto Igt

Vine: Cabernet Franc

Area of production: the vineyards are situated in the province of Treviso , on a flat area of alluvial clayey soil, softly mixtured..

Vine training: Sylvoz and Guyot

Production per hectare: 120 quintals of grapes

Harvest period: between the end of September and beginning of October

Winemaking: red wine vinification starting from a 6-8 day-long skin contact process under controlled temperature, following stage in stainless steel vessels for fermentation (alcoholic and malolactic). 4-5 month-long refining in tank and final bottling.

Colour: intense ruby red with purple hues.
Smell: Intense, typical, with soft herbaceous notes, blending hints of red fruit.
Mouthfeel: dry and full, medium bodied wine, round. Balanced long aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 16° – 20° C

Alcohol: 12,50% vol
Residual sugar: 4 g/l
Acidity rate: 5,20 g/l