Cabernet Sauvignon del Veneto Igt

Cabernet Sauvignon of Veneto Igt

Vine: Cabernet Sauvinon 100%

Area of production: the vineyards are located in the province of Treviso, a flat area with medium-to-alluvial soils.

Vine training: Sylvoz and doppio capovolto.

Production per hectare: 120 quintals of grapes.

Harvest period: at the end of September.

Winemaking: vinification in red with maceration on the skins for 6-8 days with frequent pumping over; the temperature is close to 23-25 ° C.


Colour: deep ruby red with violet reflections.
Perfumes: broad and characteristic fruity hints of raspberry and blackcurrant, floral notes of violet, slightly grassy nuances and subtle flavours of sweet spices and pepper.
Taste: dry and savoury, full bodied, pleasantly balanced and persistent.


Serving temperature: 16° C

Alcohol: 12,30% Vol.
Sugar: 4 g/l