Piave MALANOTTE D.O.C.G. 2010

Grape kinds: Raboso Piave, VCR 20 clone. Zone: vineyards located in Negrisia (Treviso).
Soil: alluvial origin, medium density, loose and well drained.
Farming: Guyot, 3800 plants per hectare. Production per hectare: 8 tons/ha.
Harvest period: end of October.
Method: blend of fresh and dried Raboso grapes.
Raboso: red winemaking, maceration and fermentation on the skins for 14 days then aged for 18 months in oak then steel finish.
Dried Raboso: 15% of the grapes are naturally dried for around 40 days. Once pressed, have a long maceration on the skins. After alcholic fermentation are aged in oak for 24 months where naturally complete malolactic fermentation.
The two Raboso are blended together and aged in bottle for at least 6 more months.
Color: intense ruby red with a little garnet note.
Nose: huge intensity, fine and wide complexity; well marked marasca cherry flavor and red fruit jam blending and harmonizing together with warm balsamic and spicy scents. Ethereal.
Taste: oversized, balanced fullness, with a velvety melow tannic richness, complex harmony with a long and persistent finish.
Serving temperature: 18/20° C (65/68° F), open the bottle at least a hour before serving for a correct oxygenation.
Alchol content: 13 % by vol.