The winery

The story of the De Pra Wine Cellar belongs to the best italian tradition, where family means passion and love towards the native-land and profession. The story began in 1957, wanted by the owner Giuseppe De Pra. Known to everyone as Bepi, he had a clear idea of the present and the future of the firm; the care of the vine-yards and the selection of the best grapes to obtain a genuine quality.

Half a century has passed and the brand of the De Pra Cellar has made progress, in a natural and easy way, with the praises of satisfied clients to new friends, giving value to products of excellent quality, growing year after year.

During the last years the Cellar has made important changes. In the management, the continuation of the family tradition sees his daughters Debora and Severina and his son-in-law Luca work side-to-side with the owner. The tecnological changes involve important investments made to give value to the product. From two barrels in a stable – a rude cellar for friends – to cement tanks and then to steel refrigerated tanks; from the pressing zone to the new pressing centrifugal machines, these are the investments for the cellar, where tecnology, tradition and research of the best quality work together.



Today the Cellar is a reality in the great production in the art of wine-making of the Trevigiana brand, and the doc and itg wines of De Pra take leave of the splendid countryside to be exported. Clients can come personally to buy their wine or they can order it. The firm provides home-delivery service. All the clients needs are satisfied with care. Today the firm is able to deliver all over Italy to bars, restaurants, wine-bars and private homes.

This is the story of a complete process; the technology working side-by-side with the culture of a product: a traditional family who renewes and creates a firm able to control and follow the process from the pressing system up to the wine being bottled and delivered.

You can appreciate the results during your meals..