Cantina De Pra
Ormelle (Treviso – ITALY)

Giuseppe De Pra founded De Pra winery in the 1959. Since the beginning,
Bepi, the nickname of the founder, knew what he wants for the present and the future
of his winery: growing vineyards selecting the best grapes to realize a high
quality and an authentic wine like the unspoiled landscape where the winery is located.

De Pra winery story represent one of the best example of the Italian tradition,
where family means passion and love for its own land and work.

Values which Bepi taught to his daughters Severina, Debora and her husband Luca that,
together with all their staff, leaded the brand to excellence producing top notch wines.


    Generally, at the end of May the flowering begins. The leaves are now well open and you can see well the small stalks where the first flowers begin to born. In a few days, during the attachment phase, they will be totally developed and pollinated.......


    On the 12nd of July we have been to Turin to the International wine competition “La Selezione del Sindaco 2018” to collect the Gold Medal for Malanotte Del Piave DOCG vintage 2012. A great satisfaction for our constant commitment to improve native wines....


      BUD BREAK First sunny day, the pruning is finished and we are waiting for the crying of the vine. The budding phase is preceded by a typical phenomenon of the vine called “crying” that is the emission of liquid at the level of pruning......

  • Autumn is coming

    Even in a day ugly like today, many new things can come up… We’re waiting for you in our winery!...